Reasons Why Interior Designers are Fabulous Investments

As we say goodbye to summer and start being indoors once again, we are all revisiting our interior “to do” list and considering if now is the right time to start that renovation, furnish the empty space, or give a room a full makeover!  Now is definitely the time!  Lead times are still long for furniture, custom-made pieces, and construction materials. Starting as soon as possible is critical, as the process will always take longer than anticipated. Making the decision to start is step one. The next step is hiring a designer to bring the project to life!All house builds start with plans, and interiors should as well! Keep reading to learn why hiring an interior designer early in your planning process is a fabulous investment…


You would never drive by a house and question whether or not an architect was involved, or if the builder had plans to follow. The same is true for your interiors! Any large construction project has an interior designer brought in long before ground is broken to develop the interior design plan. In construction and renovations, you will be faced with hundreds of decisions! Each decision has dozens of potential tangents and details you may or may not foresee. Interior designers have the experience and training to foresee how the details need to come together. In addition, we are able to direct the contractor and subs on the finishes needed to result in a well-designed room. Making the wrong decision during the building process can be costly, so a designer will prevent that added expense.


My clients often tell me they don’t fully know how their homes should look, where furniture should be placed in a room, and how rooms should flow together. If everyone was able to answer those questions, I would not be needed or in business! Since my clients struggle with the vision of the room (and many have made costly furniture purchases which ultimately did not work in the space), it is critical in the design process to provide floor plans and 3D renderings so my clients can “see” their spaces as I can see them. The above space is not fully complete yet, but you can see how closely the room is starting to mirror the first image which is the 3D rendering!


Much like you, my days are hectic, busy, and filled with lots of juggling. I understand the importance of having a soft place to land. I know why you want a playroom for your kids (no more toys in the living room!) or a fully functioning home office or a quiet sitting spot to catch your breath and read. I don’t look at your project and think, “How can I make this really pretty?” Pretty is easy. Functional, custom, and attractive? That’s what makes your home personal and unique. That is the value a designer can bring to your life. Many of my clients become longtime friends. Working together so closely makes friendship unavoidable, and that fact also helps you benefit even more from our working relationship. As your needs change, your children grow, your job changes, and your lifestyle needs evolve, I’ll be there to help your spaces adapt.

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