White Fabrics and Families Coexisting in Design

Wine, coffee, mud…these fabrics can handle it all.Happy fall everyone! The fall months are some of my favorite months in Connecticut. The temperatures are cool, the humidity is low, and nature is an explosion of daily changing colors.This month’s design topic is all about including luxury fabrics when designing for active families with children and dogs.Yes, ANYONE can have a family room with a white sofa!

Designing for years of beautiful, reliable durability.

This home was featured in the September/October issue of the Bedford & New Canaan Magazine. You can click HERE to read the full article.All the fabrics were either Crypton, performance, indoor/outdoor, or treated upon arrival for stain and soil resistance. This active family of 5 tested them right away! The dining chairs have survived ketchup and chocolate spilled on day 2! The all-white sofa survived a red Gatorade and beer mixture!Keep reading to learn more about how I incorporate these luxury fabrics in all my designs.

Using Indoor/Outdoor Fabrics

One of my favorite fabrics to incorporate in my designs is a luxurious indoor/outdoor velvet, such as the one below from Holly Hunt Design. These fabrics easily handle dirt and stains with just a soap and water clean-up.Indoor/outdoor fabrics can be thick, soft, come with varying sheens and shimmer, and are available in many colors and patterns. I like to use them on dining chairs, ottomans, custom pillows, and swivel chairs.

Why Crypton?

Crypton resists stains and liquids, but you might be skeptical. The images below show you what happens when the fabric meets a spill….Nothing happens! The liquids bead up and can be wiped away with a damp cloth. I have tried it for clients to show them how it works and it is AMAZING! Crypton fabric comes in a wide variety of patterns, solids, and brands. When selecting custom furniture or re-upholstering existing furniture, I always recommend Crypton…especially for families with children and pets.

Photo of Crypton Fabric via Instagram @qpo (l) & @cryptonfabric (r)

Treating Fabrics for Stain Resistance

If I find the perfect piece of furniture for a client, but the fabric isn’t already performance or treated for stains, I treat it upon arrival!I will have the furniture delivered to my custom furniture workroom where they very affordably will treat the fabric for stain and soil resistance. The white kitchen chairs below are an example of this. The velvet on the chairs came untreated….which is crazy for dining chairs! So I had them treated and they have survived a wide variety of stains!

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